Fair Usage

Where we say in any written agreement, service or on the website generally, fair usage is defined in this document.

Last updated: 20/07/2020


The page below explains our fair usage policy on all services we offer, abuse will be investigated on an individual case basis and actions may be taken to remove services, software, files or data.

Index of information

  1. Web hosting fair usage policy
  2. Unlimited or Unmetered

Web hosting fair usage policy

Storage Space that is provisioned must at all times be used only for storage of files related to the website functionality, the servers are not to be used for general file storage or archiving of any type.

Unlimited or Unmetered

Meaning we will not cap your usage and you will not run in to errors due to server storage space being used up and further storage being unavailable, where we deem storage usage to be unreasonable we withhold the right to cancel your service or remove files.